Hackervoice Radio Stream

Service Status UPDATE

HackerVoice Radio Stream

Hackervoice IRC Server

Service Status UPDATE

HackerVoice IRC

Pleased to report we have done some work and got the IRC back up & running since last night.

Hackervoice IRC Server

Service Status

The HackerVoice IRC Server is currently down, no estimation on a fix as SWITCHLINK have no fucking support in place whatsoever no service status page because its broken, don't answer the phone don't respond to support tickets & don't respond to their twitter account,

Mikrotik wireless station mode name

I was doing some testing with some WiFi stuff earlier, when i realized the Mikrotik RB411's that was connected as clients to an AP were just displaying "Mikrotik" and i couldn't work out which box was what so i thought ok i will go change that client-id to something meaningful but was then stumped as to where the setting is, I was sure it would be in the wireless interface properties but i couldn't see where. After some googling & searching around in winbox i worked out that it used the actual routers system identity.


Draft Communications Data Bill

You can download a copy of the UK governments Draft Communications Data Bill here, i will have a closer look at this disgrace of a document that is the worst thing to happen to the UK in a long long time written by a stupid woman who cannot even understand a fucking calendar (example of incompetence) let alone the technology she is trying to legislate.


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