Draft Communications Data Bill


You can download a copy of the UK governments Draft Communications Data Bill here, i will have a closer look at this disgrace of a document that is the worst thing to happen to the UK in a long long time written by a stupid woman who cannot even understand a fucking calendar (example of incompetence) let alone the technology she is trying to legislate. This document doesn't need amending it need shoving right up David Cameron ass and setting on fire.
I wonder if David Cameron & Theresa May would be ok with someone following them around 0.5mtrs away from them 24hrs a day keeping a database of every single person they spoke to where, when & what time and who they made them phone calls to and who they text & then do the same for every single MP & Lord and make that database information available to any UK citizen who can come up with a half assed piss poor reason that they need it.
As a parent myself it sickens me how governments and corporations continually have to stoop so low as to make "protecting the children" or "terrorism" their mantra for passing any legislation they know wouldn't have a fucking prayer of becoming legislation otherwise. Does the government not realize that this wont make it easier for them to catch terrorists or pedophiles it will make it harder, it will drive forward the use of strong encryption at a rate so fast that it will make their expenses forms spontaneously combust. While the vast majority of the UK will not agree with or approve of terrorists agenda's or methods the one thing that they all understand & that the government always fails to acknowledge is terrorist are not fucking idiots, what they going to do when they all move to another method of communicating ?
What about another far more scary situation that will be created where parents who do not understand technology & how the internet actually works (just like the government really) all fall for the governments fake vail safety of making the internet a safer place for their children ?, this is the truly scary scenario that the government will have created where many parents will let theirs guards down a little & believe the internet is safer for their children when the reality is that it will be a far more dangerous place because the government will have educated the bad people that they must use strong encryption & must host their servers & content outside the UK where this legislation ain't worth a wank.
What about the economic effects on the UK hosting & data centre companies ? Companies are going to move their data outside the UK. What about all the additional costs on UK ISPs there really isn't much profit for ISP's for providing ADSL and FTTC products so do the government really believe ISPs can bare the costs of this or even if the government pay the ISPs some token cost you bet your life it wont cover the actual costs. Probably a nice business opportunity for NON UK businesses though setting up secure encrypted end points for UK clients, how are the government going to monitor all the UK people & businesses routing all their traffic over secure ipsec tunnels to nodes & servers beyond the UK's legislation ?
The government already has in place the required legislation in place to obtain all the information this legislation covers & more, this is nothing more than a complete obliteration of UK citizens rights to privacy, unneeded, ineffective, draconian, very very dangerous & nothing more than blanket domestic spying.
Some informative UK compliancy information can be found here regarding monitoring and recording of telephone calls in the UK as legislation currently stands.
When i have had a chance to look at this this document in more detail, i will give some technical examples that will show how ineffective this legislation is.
References to current legislation:
Computer Misue Act 1990.pdf
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The Electronic Communications and Wireless Telegraphy Regulations 2011.pdf
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