Aurora SPARC Linux


Aurora SPARC Linux is an operating system, based on operating system, for SPARC-based computers. Aurora was originally created after Red Hat dropped support for the SPARC architecture after Red Hat Linux 6.2.
The name derives from the internal Sun codename for the SPARCStation 5 chassis.
Since Aurora is derived from Fedora, and most of its developers are located in the US, it only maintains packages legally distributable in the United States.
You can find the last builds of the 2.0 iso images for this project here although this is now an old and no longer maintained distribution it is still a great distro for old hardware such as sun ultra sparc 5 & many others & is a part of Fedora Sparc history, i would obviously not recommend it for a production environment as there is no longer security updates so use with some caution.
Note: According to Wikipedia this is still maintained so i will check if this is accurate.