Firefox 13


Just a little warning to people, i would hold off upgrading from Firefox 12 to 13 for a bit until developers have had a chance to fix their addons & plugins as it's currently a right dogs dinner. I personally hate how they implemented new tab, i just want to click new tab & have it open my home page in that new tab, but cannot find a way to do this in Firefox 13 yet.
I think this new rapid release cycle Mozilla have moved to is a nightmare, it isn't producing better code since Mozilla moved to this development method Firefox has been bloated unstable crap compared to what it used to be & pushing point releases as stage released fools nobody. So if you got various different addons you rely on in Firefox i would seriously hold back on upgrading for now.
I will confess this was my own doing though, i initially thought that Mozilla was pushing silent updates but couldn't understand how they would be able to do this when i run as a non root user. But it turned out the update was in a yum update i had done a couple of nights ago and it was only when Firefox crashed this morning that it actually did the upgrade. So i had a bit of a mystery on my hands, had a good old rant at the Mozilla developers & then later had to retract my abuse & give myself a slap with a wet fish !!!
UPDATE: My world is restored to normality ( well people who know me will know that isn't very normal ) Ben Basson your New Tab Homepage addon is so badly needed i have no frigging idea what the Mozilla developers were thinking, but for those you going crazy with the new tab feature you can get your life back to normal again with New Tab Homepage 0.4.3
UPDATE: is also broken and wont play under Firefox 13, this rapid release cycle is really turning out some quality code fast isn't it ? is it F**K it's churning out bloated unreliable un fully tested junk. The longer Mozilla keep this up the more users they going to lose & the more users Google's Chrome is going to gain, they might not want to hear that but that's how it works in the real world. Chrome & Midori work fine on the same box and so did FF12 before the upgrade.