Hackervoice IRC Server


Service Status

The HackerVoice IRC Server is currently down, no estimation on a fix as SWITCHLINK have no fucking support in place whatsoever no service status page because its broken, don't answer the phone don't respond to support tickets & don't respond to their twitter account,

Switchlink you claim to offer 99.9 SLA and offer VPS, Dedicated Servers & Colo you are a fucking joke of a host absolutely the worst host i ever come across i wouldn't trust you to run a fucking bath let alone a data centre.

Server downtime with NO response from Switchlink is currently standing at 19hr 14 minutes.

If any of you got any questions or need to get hold of me for anything you can get me at signius [at] hackervoice.co.uk the HV team would like to apologies & rest assured we are working on it & we are not ignoring things.