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Service Status UPDATE

HackerVoice IRC

Pleased to report we have done some work and got the IRC back up & running since last night.

No thanks to switchlink, which is by far the most abysmal hosting company any of us have ever had the misfortune to encounter over the years & the absolutely astounding thing is they really do not seem to see any problem with how they are operating at all, no working telephone numbers on the website which seems to have been the case for months and months from messages on their twitter feed, no monitoring (well it they have any it doesn't work) they don't seem to have a clue when any of their boxes go down, when someone did manage to track down a contact for someone at the company they just got a couple of support ticket responses (which they had completely ignored up until this point) with no informative content at all. The service status link on the website when you eventually find it buried in about us is completely broken and just gives an error of "Fatal error: Call to undefined method stdClass::userTimeline() in /home/switchlink/public_html/index.php on line 176" really no surprise i guess when you combine it with all the other nonsense the company seems to operate under as their standard business practices.

The service switchlink offers or should i say more accurately does not offer is so staggeringly unprofessional & bad the admin team are astounded & almost speechless. if you was creating a fictional company with the worst possible service in every possible way you would not come up with something as bad as this company in a million years.

They say you only find out how good a company is when you have a problem and fuck a duck did switchlink show their true colours, running a hosting company ? i wouldnt let them run a fucking bath.