Allow access to protected non-drupal directory

Allow access to protected non-drupal dir

In a previous article here we explained how to regain access to your non-drupal created directories by editing the root .htaccess file. When i first came across this issue i thought i could just give access to the protected directory in the same way i did a non protected directory & it would then just prompt me for the username & password when i tries to access the directory that is protected.

Allow access to non-drupal directory

Allow access to a non-drupal dir

If you install drupal into your root directory and have directories that were created outside of drupal, when you try and access the non drupal directory such as something.com/somedir  you will recieve a "The requested page "/something" could not be found." from drupal despite the fact that the directory somesite.com/something

Firefox 13

Just a little warning to people, i would hold off upgrading from Firefox 12 to 13 for a bit until developers have had a chance to fix their addons & plugins as it's currently a right dogs dinner. I personally hate how they implemented new tab, i just want to click new tab & have it open my home page in that new tab, but cannot find a way to do this in Firefox 13 yet.

Womble Networks

Womble Networks is a place where i am going to try and put my ongoing technological shenanigans with information about projects i am interested in & working on along with some tutorials as i tend to spend hours resolving a bug or problem & not bother taking any meaningful notes, so i am going to try and change that and use here as a resource dump.

This site is heavily under consturction currently so please bare with us for a bit. & a thank you goes to spanglesontoast & drumm for thier help with some of the backend code.


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